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Fine Line Tattoos

A fine line tattoo is a delicate and precise form of body art that uses thin, single-needle strokes to create intricate and detailed designs. Read more below...

A tattoo is by definition an eye-catching decoration, something that allows you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your favorite designs. However, tattoo lovers don’t always want to mark their bodies with large, colourful designs. Some would rather choose something more subtle and delicate. Well, look no further. Fine line tattoos are offering just that, and are gaining a wider fan base day by day. The ONE DAY Tattoo Studio will sort you out with our amazing fine line tattoo artists in London – Jenn War , Agnes Melkovics , Gabriela Fraga.

What is a Fine Line Tattoo?

Fine line is one of the more recent styles in the tattoo world that is rapidly gaining popularity. Fine line style tattoos are often chosen by women and treated as jewelry pieces.

What distinguishes them from classic tattoos is that they consist of very thin lines only, which makes them elegant and subtle. Most often, they are small, geometric designs done with black colour without shading. There are also artists who create large, intricate compositions in this style. Tattoos of this type are extremely detailed, full of fine details.

Your Skin is in Good Hands

Our tattoo artists are equipped with special machines and very good inks that will provide intense colour without the danger of spilling ink under the skin. No need to correct the line either, which would thicken it, and the design would lose its subtlety.

The skill of the tattoo artist is equally important with the fine line tattoo technique. As we mentioned, fine line tattoos do not allow for the possibility of corrections or hiding shortcomings. Our artists have an innate ability to feel the skin and have incredibly precise hands. They will take good care of you, and make sure you don’t walk out of the studio without a big smile on your face!

Fine Line Tattoos: No Pain, Short Healing!

You should know that fine line tattoos heal much faster and better than other coloured or black and grey tattoos. The lack of colour and thinner lines makes the skin handle the inflammation much better. Thin lines don’t cause as many problems and the pain passes more quickly.

The fine line style can be a good alternative for people who are uncomfortable with the pain that comes with tattooing. The razors used in creating fine line tattoos use a special type of needle, which contributes to less pain during the procedure.

A fine line tattoo seems to be a good idea for a first tattoo. Getting such a tattoo is less painful, and it’s easy to create an original piece in this style.

Don’t wait for ONE DAY, contact us today!

It has been 8 years since ONE DAY opened its doors. For all this time we invariably made sure that our dear clients are fully satisfied with our services. Passion and experience allow us to create unique tattoos – and each style of tattoo is an art in which we express you.

To make our tattoos more satisfying we try to create something new instead of using catalogs and templates. The project is always created during a conversation with the client – they tell us what they want, what they would prefer to avoid, and what their dream design really looks like.

We will have some tea and talk about what you want, what your vision is. We will create an original design just for you. We also put a lot of emphasis on your safety, we also make sure you are happy. Don’t wait for ONE DAY, contact us today!


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