One Day Tattoos Studio – Booking Policy

One Day Tattoo studio is licensed and all therapists are registered, license holder artists.

We do high quality, unique tattoos in an artistic environment. Don’t forget, you pay for the quality.

A £50 or £100 deposit (depending on the length of sessions) is required to secure any booking. This can be paid through internet transfer or PayPal or even in cash at the shop.
The deposit is non- refundable on cancellation without 4 days notice.
When booking an appointment, have as much information on what you would like as possible. Gather images that you like, and specify size and placement.

Our minimum charge is £80.
Hourly rate is £100 and £500 for a daily session.
The final cost, always depends on the final design, the size and the complexity of the artwork. Half sleeves can take around 10-15 hours, full sleeves up to 30, back pieces have been known to take up to 40 hours or even more.

Big tattoos are big commitments, and take many repeat sittings.

If for any reason your appointment is no longer suddenly available on our fault, then we can offer a preferential credit note for the deposit to be used at a later date.

Please ensure you are aware of all the information and read all the corresponding descriptions on our website.

Thank you,