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Pay Later For Your Next Tattoo

In regard to our partnership with Pay8ltr, we take pride in being among the select few tattoo studios that offer finance options to enhance the convenience of our valued customers. For comprehensive details regarding this innovative payment choice, kindly click here to access more information.


We trust that you will find the answers to your inquiries. However, if you require further assistance or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact form, or via phone or chat platform (please note that our availability may vary on these channels).

Do you have a license?

How to book an appointment?

Why are deposits taken?

What to do after a tattoo?

How to get there?

How much is going to cost?

Do you make piercings?

Do you cover tattoos?

Can I park at your studio?

Pregnant. Can I have a tattoo?

What styles you do?

Tattoo Tips.

Before Tattoo

1. Get a Good Night's Sleep!

2. Stay Hydrated!

3. Shower and don't shave!

4. Moisturise Your Skin!

5. Eat and Bring Snacks!

6. Dress for your Session!

7. Don't show up Intoxicated!

8. No Damaged Skin!

9. Don't cancel Last Minute!

10. Entertainment

After Tattoo

1. Keep the bandage on.

2. Wash gently.

3. No scratching.

4. Avoid water.

5. Moisturise.

6. Clothing tips.

7. Block those UV rays.


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