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Cover Up Tattoos

Cover-Up Tattoo Transformations: Unveiling Artistic Renewal

Looking for Cover up tattoo inspiration? Well, this blog has got you covered (Pardon the pun)

Cover up tattoos are an excellent way to give a new life to an old or unwanted tattoo. Cover up tattoos are gaining popularity because they allow people to get a fresh start and still keep their love for body art. In this blog, we will discuss what cover up tattoos are, their benefits, and the things to keep in mind before getting a cover up tattoo.

What are Cover Up Tattoos?

Cover up tattoos are tattoos that are designed to cover up an existing tattoo. It is done by strategically placing a new tattoo design over the old tattoo to hide it. Cover up tattoos are a great option for people who have a tattoo that they no longer like, have a tattoo that has faded over time, or have a tattoo that they want to change for any other reason.

Benefits of Cover Up Tattoos:

• A fresh start: Cover up tattoos provide people with a chance to start fresh with their body art. It is an opportunity to change an old tattoo into something new and exciting.

• Cost-effective: Cover up tattoos are a cost-effective way to get rid of an old tattoo. Instead of paying for laser tattoo removal, people can opt for a cover up tattoo that costs much less.

• Versatility: Cover up tattoos are versatile, and there are many designs and styles to choose from. People can get creative and turn an old tattoo into a new masterpiece.

Things to keep in mind before getting a Cover Up Tattoo:

Choose the right design: It is important to choose the right design for the cover up tattoo. The design should be able to completely cover the old tattoo and should blend in with the surrounding skin.

Choose the right artist: It is essential to choose an experienced and skilled tattoo artist for a cover up tattoo. Cover up tattoos require more expertise than regular tattoos, as they need to be able to cover up the old tattoo entirely.

Be realistic: It is important to be realistic about the cover up tattoo. The new tattoo may not completely hide the old tattoo, and it may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired result.

At ONE DAY Tattoo Studio in London, our talented resident artists have a lot of experience when it comes to cover ups! We’ve put together some of our favourite completed cover up tattoos made by our amazing cover up and realism artist, Zsolt Mihaly – see his worksBOOK AN APPOINTMENT



So, if you’re looking for the best cover up tattoo artists in London, get in touch with

ONE DAY Tattoo Studio today so we can see discuss all of the possible design options for you and so you can fall back in love with your skin again.



What colour inks are the easiest/hardest to cover?

Mainly black and dark colours. Thick contours are also tricky, especially if they healed scarred, bumpy or raised from the work of the previous artist. It is hard to achieve a great cover up if the tattoo is still sort of fresh and saturated, once the saturation goes away, the cover up job can be carried out easier, with a way better result.

Do I need laser tattoo removal first?
How old does the tattoo need to be?
Are cover ups more painful?
How many sessions will I need?


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