It is always difficult to tell an exact price for a tattoo as it may depend on multiple facts, but let me try the impossible.

The price mainly depends on how long it takes to make that piece. If you would like a small tattoo on your wrist, fingers, ankle – it’s going to cost less than a detailed full back piece or a sleeve.

However, don’t let the fact that a tattoo is small lead you to believe it will be cheap. If a design involves small and intricate details and the placement of the tattoo is more difficult to tattoo, like an armpit for example, it may take longer overall and the cost will therefore increase.

Even bigger pieces, like a sleeve or a back piece, will take several sessions so if you’re not sure about your ideas or worried about the costs, just start with something small. Sorry for saying that, but if you ask some tattooists, 9/10 will say that, the most annoying question they get asked is ‘How much does a tattoo cost?’ because every tattoo idea, situation and individual person are different.
But no worries, we are happy to try our best to give you a rough idea on a rough price, just book a personal consultation with us.

Our minimum charge is £100 but as all tattoos are different, we offer customer price for each piece. Please get in touch with us on this link:

Don’t forget, you are paying not only for the experience of the artist, but also the outstanding quality what will appear on your body forever.

We also offer Voucher Cards, what could be a perfect gift for some loved ones who are keen to get a new tattoo.
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