• We have two methods for booking an appointment, you can either pop into the studio, alternatively you can fill out an online submission form.
    To book online please click here
  • In order to secure your booking, we take a £100 deposit, this will be deducted from the total cost.
  • Further information is available on our Deposit Policies page


  • Our resident tattoo artists do not provide tattoo designs in advance, due to demand our resident tattoo artists work on hundreds of designs, catering to distinct design ideas our clients have. You will be able to see the tattoo design on the day of your booking, any additional amendments to the final design will be implemented before our artist begins tattooing.
  • We do not provide face tattoos
  • Different tattoo concepts depending on size, complexity and design may take more than one session to complete. Please visit our Gallery Page for further information and specific details regarding varying pieces.
  • Additionally, we also offer a 1-year guarantee – if your tattoo slightly fades we offer a free touch up services within 365 if having your tattoo done


  • We accept cash and PayPal payment. Currently, we do not accept card payment, we are currently working on this.


  • We have some Tattoo Tips that might come in handy before you come in for your tattoo
  • On the day of your tattoo you will need to provide us with Photo ID (driver’s licence or passport), you must be over 18 to get tattooed, failure to do so could result in losing your deposit and your appointment.
    You are prohibited to be under influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time (no sooner and no later unless advised)
  • Please be advised that additional guests are not permitted into the sterilised tattooing area, the studio is quite busy so we would recommend that the additional guest find another activity whilst you are being tattooed. Check what you can do in Angel, Islington.

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